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posted Sep 23, 2012, 9:49 AM by Mary Godbout   [ updated Aug 16, 2017, 6:13 AM ]

       So many families have asked, "How can I support my child from home?" It is very important for students to come to school ready to learn. Establish and keep a routine early bedtime for your child. Encourage lots of outside playing time. Eat healthy food and visit the doctor and dentist regularly. Those are the things we know and do regularly as parents. 
    New Hampshire has adopted the Common Core standards and all schools have implemented these standards. You can find more information about the Common Core State Standards on our school district's website. You can also download an app for iPads/iPhones which outline the standards for each grade level. If you would like more ideas about how to support the academic part of your child's life, visit the useful links section (found on the left) and you can download support for parents for literacy (reading, writing, and spelling) and mathematics. Each document will show you what students learned in pre-kindergarten, what we will be covering in kindergarten, and what they will be working towards to be ready for first grade. You can also click on the documents attached below for some ideas about how to support your child's learning in kindergarten from the National PTA.  

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